About Dr Ilana Galgut

I graduated top of my medical school class in South Africa, 1992. I subsequently also completed a Diploma In Child Health soon after  graduation.

After immigrating to Melbourne, Australia, I completed my FRACGP fellowship and worked in women’s and family medical clinics for 20 years. I had always wanted to be a dermatologist, and worked with one of Australia’s leading cosmetic dermatologists for 20+ years.

Although cosmetic injections and laser treatments were not on my initial list of career options, I become one of Melbourne’s first cosmetic doctors in 1997.

I began working as a clinical trainer in 2012, with one of the larger suppliers of cosmetic injectable products. In this role I discovered a new passion: that of teaching and mentoring both experienced and advanced injectors, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

I believe that I have a keen aesthetic eye and I’m fastidious with regard to fine details, with client safety my main driving force. Being a perfectionist, I derive great pleasure in exceeding the expectations of my clients. With my background in General Practice, I understand the pressures of the modern world and the high standards placed on aesthetics in both the work and social arenas.

Over the past 24 years in Australia, I’ve had to overcome several challenges, including raising 2 beautiful children as a single mother. In 2011 I had to deal with a breast cancer diagnosis. After months of gruelling treatments, I resumed cosmetic work.

Why Choose Dr ILANA

  • I have over 22 years experience as a FRACGP qualified general practitioner as well vast experience in cosmetic medicine
  • I was trained by one of the first cosmetic dermatologists in Australia
  • Not only do I consult patients but I also work as a clinical trainer teaching skills and safe injecting techniques
  • I continue to work out of a specialist dermatologist clinic with ready access to good support from medical specialists should the need arise
  • Because of my belief that an injector is only as good as their skills should any problems arise, I choose to only uses hyaluronic acid fillers which can be dissolved in the unlikely event of a problem or complication
  • Although problems in this industry are particularly uncommon, I have expertise and expertise in managing complications resulting from injectables performed by less experienced injectors
  • Safety of my patients is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor to me
  • Almost anyone can be taught to administer an injection. However being able to accurately assess what SHOULD be done and WHEN, is a skill that is difficult to perfect. I believe I have mastered the art of selecting the RIGHT procedure for theRIGHT face at the RIGHT time. I avoid performing ‘generic’ treatments i.e. the same treatment for everyone, as individual facial features differ so much and what suits one person may not work for someone else
  • I’m not afraid to ask advice from colleagues in other words I DO NOT TAKE CHANCES AND RISKS and respect your face- the most valuable piece of real estate that you own. In fact, I feel honoured that you have chosen to entrust your most valuable body part, your face, to me
  • I believe in the subtlety of cosmetic enhancements, so you always present the very best version of yourself.
  • I am one of the medical advisors for Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team, assisting other injectors should complications arise in their work.

My goal is to work with you to tailor an individualised treatment plan, so you will always maintain a natural, fresh look that is authentically YOU.

Almost every person who comes to me wants to look natural.

Everything I do is to avoid a fake look as people look better looking old than looking overly treated and unnatural!