About Dr Ilana Galgut

After immigrating to Australia in 1995, from South Africa, Dr Ilana worked as a specialist GP as well as with one of Melbourne’s 1st cosmetic dermatologists, becoming Melbourne’s first cosmetic doctors in 1997.

Dr Ilana has worked as a clinical trainer since 2012, mentoring both experienced and advanced injectors, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Over the past 27 years in Australia, Ilana had to overcome several challenges, including raising 2 beautiful children as a single mother. In 2011 breast cancer brought a new obstacle that taught her about living each moment to the fullest.

Why choose Dr Ilana

  • over 25 years experience as a specialist general practitioner and in cosmetic medicine
  • Trained by one of the first cosmetic dermatologists in Australia
  • Works as a clinical trainer teaching skills and safe injecting techniques
  • Works out of a specialist dermatologist clinic with ready access to good support from medical specialists should the need arise
  • Expertise in managing injectables complications
  • Safety is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor
  • Almost anyone can be taught to administer an injection. However, being able to accurately assess what SHOULD be done and WHEN, is a skill that is difficult to perfect. Selecting the RIGHT procedure for the RIGHT face at the RIGHT time is a skill that is developed over years of assessing faces.
  • Dr Ilana is one of the medical advisors for Aesthetic Medical Emergency Team, assisting other injectors should complications arise in their work.

Patient-focused, rather than about making the sale

Dr. Ilana is known for her direct and honest approach. She will only perform a treatment if it is in the best interests of the patient. She is HAPPY TO SAY NO or to advise to delay a procedure.  

Individualised approach

What suits a 25 year old is unlikely to have the same effect on a 45 year old. Dr Ilana ensures your treatment is the RIGHT one for where you are in the ageing process.

The goal is to work with you to tailor an individualised treatment plan, so

you will always maintain a natural, fresh look that is authentically YOU.

Almost every person who comes to me wants to look natural.

Everything I do is to avoid a fake look as people look better looking old than looking overly treated and unnatural!