Did I ever think I’d be an owner of a skincare business??

Absolutely NO!!!

My years working with a dermatologist had shown me that skincare usually doesn’t do a whole lot. And everyone ‘needed’ injectables or laser ultimately to keep their skin in pristine condition.

Now I can say, “NOT TRUE!!”

After the scarring I’d sustained when a HIFU ultrasound treatment burned me badly,  my skin improved dramatically using a specific product range. Granted the changes didn’t happen overnight. Over 10 months my skin improved dramatically.

So I began sharing these products with other people and many echo the same outstanding results.

The commonest question I get is why the ingredients don’t come in just 1 bottle. 

That’s an easy one to answer- not all ingredients store well together. Also, we find, that by layering the products in a specific order, results are amplified.

I like to think of it like baking a cake or even hair dye- you need many ingredients to deliver a fantastic outcome! And they need to be processed in a specific way!

Because of all this…..I’ve been able to cut back on injectables on my own face and focus more on what I can do safely, from my bathroom.

My message to you is to try to do as much as you can from your own bathroom because thats the safest way. Sure…..you wont get that instant gratification dopamine hit of good feelings but the results will be sustained and will continue to improve over time.

Message me to let me know your thoughts and any questions.