Anti-wrinkle – Crows Feet

These are the lines around the outer aspects of the eyes are initially, when younger, only visible with smiling.

However repeated smiling over the years, together with loss of volume of the underlying bone and soft tissues, eventually results in the lines being visible when the face is not moving. We call these lines ‘resting lines’.

For this reason, people with over active crow’s feet muscles, usually due to having lost some of the volume from the underlying cheek bones,  may benefit from commencing antiwrinkle treatments at a relatively younger age.

Care needs to be taken with these treatments not to follow the path of the lines too far down the cheeks as this may affect other facial muscles and cause an uneven smile.

Usually, when the crow’s feet extend below the cheek bone, this indicates that the cheek bone has lost a significant amount of its volume. In this instance, a better result is often achieved by placing a small amount of Filler along the cheek bone to avoid the less attractive ‘chipmunk’ cheek appearance that occurs when anti wrinkle treatment is used when, actually, Fillers would be better suited.