Treatments Suitable for Males

Most of the anti wrinkle and filler treatments are suited to both males and females.

However, males need to remain masculine-looking, unlike females who strive to look softer. Dr ILANA has refined her injecting skills to ensure that her male patients are restored and improved so that the features typical of attractive males are enhanced.

Dr ILANA understands males aesthetics and delivers customised treatments focussing on preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles, tightening the skin as well as restoring and enhancing features that are desirable to her male clientele.

Males should have strong jawlines with sharper angles that their female counterparts. Taking into account their masculinity, Dr ILANA tailors her treatments to maximising the outcome for her patients. Features that do not suits females, are often well-tolerated and even desirable in males.

Dr ILANA also is aware of the need to time treatments for the male patients around social and work commitments as male patients can manage bruising and swelling far less well than females who are able to camouflage any evidence with concealer and makeup.

Dr ILANA also modifies some of her techniques to reduce the likelihood of bruising so that her male patients can get back to their busy schedules with the minimum disruption.