I studied hard to get a good life. Then I married. Had a couple of kids. And got older. Can you relate???

And I wait and wait and wait for the awesome.

I scroll through Instagram and see everyone achieving, loving their kids and best husband ever. And I start wondering WTF is wrong with me!!!! I did the work for the good life. But the ones who worked less seem to be “good life-ing” better than I am.

When I was a kid…..I wanted to be an adult.

When I had straight hair…….I wanted it wavy.

I had chemo……and now it’s wavy and….. I want it straight.

Kid starts swimming lessons…….so let’s add in music lessons too…….who doesn’t want the BEST, highest achieving  kid??

I wanted kids……and to be a stay-at-home-mom. Now I’m bored as hell and long for adult company. There’s only so many dirty nappies that one person can handle in a day! And what a waste of a qualification.

Scrolling Social Media, there are so many advertisements- how to sell better, how to grow your audience quickly and reliably, how to have better hair, skin, lips, cheeks…….see the pattern???

Everything in our world is tending to enhance DISSATISFACTION and make us NOT content with what we have.

By the way this isn’t a doom and gloom post at all. That isn’t my intention. It’s about focussing on what we HAVE rather than what we don’t. Remembering the 2 little words GOOD ENOUGH. That is ALL THAT WE NEED.

Do you know the saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy?” It’s actually SPOT ON 100% correct. And Social Media shows us…. in our faces…. every second we check and double triple check our posts to see who LIKED, COMMENTED etc how we stack up.

So you guys, maybe we can start a #goodenough movement!!!

What are your thoughts??