If you’re on my bus…..you’ll know how important being a good person is to me and how women need to be lifting one another up in our busy complicated world.

However, yesterday I saw some nasty $h#t happening online. Stuff that I’ve heard about, (AND, sadly, experienced). This is “online bullying” or “trolling” from “keyboard warriors”.

As most of you know, I have 2 older children whose growing up years were full of massive challenges.

When you have a child born with a disability, bullying is so often a part of their childhoods.

The sad thing is, I saw some crazy bullying going on amongst grown woman!! I was horrified to see the comments of woman tearing each other apart and bullying. Attacking one another’s opinions- which were all entitled to have!!


Because they disagree with certain matters. The disapproval is obviously (from the comments) based on complete ignorance, as so much judgemental stuff usually is.

3 years ago, I took a punt starting my own e-commerce skincare business.

I did massive due diligence checking Harvard articles, Stanford Dermatology Professor Alumni and efficacy and ingredients. I also found other dermatologists who are smart enough to recognise something outstanding (Dr Keren Horne, Dr Neal Beightol, Dr Sapna Vaghani to name a few).

Last night I couldn’t shake the feeling of disappointment, seeing how nasty and judgmental people can be online. At least as grown ups we can rationalise things and compartmentalise the keyboard warriors as nutters and move on. But it really dawned on me how terrible this would feel if you were a teenager or even a child without the emotional maturity to deal with such a situation.

So in this month of LOVE, my fellow R+F consultants and I are uniting and spreading kindness and love to the social media world.

We are proud in the knowledge that we are helping people with thier skin, providing flexible work options and further through our partnership with the #thesmithfamily and our Prescription for Change Foundation, we are helping young Australians become educated to be able to stand on their own feet as adults in the community.