Fillers – Cheeks

The ageing process changes the face from a youthful dominant middle 1/3 and heart-shaped face, to a heavier and more square rectangular shape.

It is for this reason that cosmetic treatments usually centre on, and begin with, enhance of the cheeks.

Cheek filler injections result in a restoration of the curves of the face, lifting of the jowls and widening of  the middle part of the face.

It is quite a common occurrence to see people walking around with cheeks that are either over-inflated, or in the incorrect position.

It is therefore easy to appreciate that it takes skill and expertise to inject cheeks so that they look better, not worse, than prior to the treatment.

Dr ILANA has trained many injectors in the skilful art of improving the ageing and often deflated face so you can be sure that your cheeks will suit your face as a whole and will not look ‘done’.