The One MAGIC Ingredient in Skincare

To be honest, there isn’t one magic ingredient.

Using a combination of active ingredients, we can maximise the benefits of transformative skincare. However, there is ONE gold-standard antiageing ingredient: Vitamin A derivatives, know as RETINOIC ACID, RETINOL, RETINAL or RETINALDEHYDE.

What most people don’t realise is that retinol is light and air sensitive. This means that it degrades when exposed to the environment. When retinol is dispensed in a bottle, even a pump bottle, by the time you reach the last half of the product, the effectiveness is not quite what it started out as.

For this reason, dermatologists who have skincare as an important aspect of their treatments, choose to package their retinol products in small capsules so that the first and last capsule in the jar are of equal potency.

This is why the exact percentage of retinol isn’t that important as you can have a high % that is rendered inactive or a lower % that remains highly active. What is important is whether it achieves the desired results on the skin. Combining retinol with multistep science and microneedling means the Vit A penetrates deeper and works beneath the dead outer layer of skin cells.

Combining the retinol with a proprietary blend of peptides further enhances the effectiveness. On the whole, Vit A topically tends to be quite irritating and needs to be built up to nightly use. Some formulations, however, are specifically designed to be tolerated by sensitive skins.

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Please note: if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please speak to your doctor before using Vit A products.