I  am still pinching myself as I can still hardly believe I’m able to drop my kiddo off at her school at midday!

I’m still getting used to this lifestyle of balance. You see, up until I got cancer, I juggled fulltime work in 4 jobs with the demands of being a single mum to 2 kids with huge medical challenges- along with working as a GP which I never wanted to be!

But then, 2 lady dermatologists came along. “Lifechanging” was a big word I was skeptical about until it happened to me.

I realized that I don’t have to be stuck to what I am comfortable doing. What they created paved the way to open my eyes to something different- working part time with an equally fulfilling side gig within their company! My Rodan+Fields virtual skincare business is worked from my phone when not at the clinic.

When I’m asked how I’ve coped through cancer, sick kids and being a solo parent, I say, ‘I needed cancer. My eyes were tightly shut to everything. I stuck within my comfort zone- which was actually not so comfortable! And if I have to put how I am feeling about everything in just one word, it is “BLESSED.”

I am slowly getting used to being present, not hearing my loud heart beating so close to my ears all the time and on edge. I’m travelling, dreaming and living again- maybe for the first time EVER!

And weekends are like these!
Long weekends all the time 😉

Oh and disclaimer, “This is my unique story.” Yours will be your own too and up to you. For more info search “Rodan and Fields IDS”.