This is a post worded for moms but can apply to anyone who is a wife, a partner or a career person!

Since becoming a mother, have you stopped thinking about thinking about what YOU want in life? Because your kids matter more than you??⁣

I spent years battling with trying to be the best mother but wanting to accelerate my career. I knew I wanted More in my life but I was too afraid to admit it- worrying about what OTHERS WOULD THINK.

I knew I wasn’t selfish. My kids mean so much to me but worrying about what others would think- that I was self-centered for focusing on my dreams, stopped me from chasing them. ⁣

Ignoring my feelings for so long allowed resentment to build up. I wasn’t happy being a suboptimal ME and began to feel that I wasn’t actually good at anything other than being a slave to housework and family.⁣

Society told me I had to wait until my children were grown up before I could get my life back. But by that time we have missed out on the best years to build ourselves. ⁣

The rat race, the stressful yet structured almost mundane lifestyle, the pulling at heartstrings day in and day out was just how Life was as a Mum and as a Working Mum. ⁣

Have you ever felt like this??Can you relate??⁣

Guess what…..I completely GET it. My heart goes out to you because society makes Mums who are Ambitious, Moms who are looking to further their careers or have more purpose in their day or build a business feel selfish for thinking about themselves. Just like if breastfeeding doesn’t work……we are made to feel guilty. ⁣

But there are options. You may need to be flexible. To have a plan B. Or C. You may need to compromise a bit on both fronts. But you can have both. ⁣

⁣This dr ended up working in a career she hated but felt trapped into not being able to make any changes.⁣ However patience can be a blessing and a virtue as if you wait long enough, change always happens.