Brows – The Higher the Better?

Definitely not! Have a look at children’s and youthful brows- they are generally quite low and the upper eyelid is quite full.

Conversely, have a look at women who are in their 50’s and 60’s. Many will have highly arched brows from tightening their forehead muscles, thereby raising the brows. This demonstrates quite clearly that high, and arched brows, are actually a sign of getting older, rather than of youthfulness.

And as we usually undertake cosmetic treatments to look better, we need to be very careful not to have a treatment just because it is available. It needs to be performed only IF it will actually improve our appearance. Trading one problem, like heavy upper eyelids from loose skin, for a new problem, like overly high brows, does NOT contribute to enhancing natural beauty.

Have a look at timeless beauties like Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie. Now think about Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue. There’s a lot to be said for lower brows with soft fullness of the upper lids.

Correct facial assessment, by a practitioner who is not just skilled in injecting, but understands facial aesthetics, is the key to maintaining a beautiful appearance. The brow shape, forehead muscle activity and whether the forehead and brow bones have lost bulk are important in assessing the suitability for brow lifting treatments.

At Elite Aesthetic Doctors, we do not just inject you because you request a procedure.

We take the time to assess your face and then educate you so that together we can formulate a plan to assist you in attaining your desired goals, in the most natural ways possible so that you never look as though you have had any ‘work’ done.