Different Types of Fillers

The very first fillers to exist were made from bovine collagen ie collagen derived from cows. Because the collagen was from another species, allergy testing had to be performed a few weeks ahead of the injections. At that time- around 1997, collagen was used to enhance lips and fill lines.

The first non animal derived hyaluronic acid (HA) filler was launched in 1996. Because HA is a non-animal product, we no longer have to worry about performing skin testing and treatments can be performed on the day they are requested.

The benefits of HA fillers are many and their safety profile is outstanding. There are now a wide variety of HA fillers, manufactured by an increasing number of companies. Because HA injected into the skin does not last very long, the HA is crosslinked ie the particles are joined together so that they last much longer in the skin and subcutaneous issues.

A particularly important fact to consider is that HA fillers are dissolvable. This is the reason that Dr ILANA only chooses these fillers to volumise faces. On the very rare occasion that the treatment does not give the desired result, Dr ILANA can dissolve the HA filler using tiny amounts of a special dissolvent.

More importantly, on the even less common event of the filler getting into a blood vessel, we can dissolve the filler and avoid nasty scaring that would otherwise occur.

There are, however, other non-HA fillers on the market. These fillers tend to give a longer duration of effect, which, from a cost point, is quite enticing. However, if anything were to go wrong, eg the filler getting into a blood vessel, there is no dissolving or reversal product available.

This is why Dr ILANA has made the decision to only offer her patients the same HA fillers that she is comfortable to use on herself.