It’s Pay Day

Now…….I’m NOT a money focussed person but I’ve just received my monthly pay check from my little side gig business- the one I started just on 2 years ago.

The past 2 months have been VERY tough and I haven’t worked on my business much at all!

However….. I still got a consistent pay check that is the same as all the others the past 18 months ie I now get paid because I put in 18 months effort in the past!

This IS a true GIFT!! There are women on my team paying their mortgage, their car payments, their school fees, their shameless shoe funds, putting away for uni, paying down student loan debt….. ALL THE THINGS!

Today is taking stress & burden off of their laps.

When I said yes, I wasn’t thinking about how this would be a blessing in which to GIVE! I was thinking about my own survival! BUT, I listened to the nudge, the shoulder tap, the pull that was getting me closer to my YES.

I see now, what was supposed to happen. I see now why I had my emotional breakdowns and went through years of picking myself back up from divorce, breast cancer and so much more.

Teammate after teammate are shouting out how their PAY DAY check is helping them this month in SOME kind of way, AND THAT, my friends is enough to shake you to your core!

Maybe YOUR YES isn’t for YOU! Maybe your yes isn’t just for the deep discount. Maybe your YES is for someone else in your life who just needs a brave soul to offer something like this.

Think about it. It smacks me in my face every single month. This isn’t about me. It was never about me. This is about a GIFT truly bigger than I could ever imagine.

What bill would you want to cover? What would help alleviate just a little stress? For some it’s just $500. That’s it. That would make ALL the difference.

*this is my own unique story. For average earning please consult Rodan + Fields IDS