Face toners are not something I ever considered useful. WHY?? In the old days toners were either an additional step that did little, or an alcohol astringent that stripped the skin. 

Today, though, a good toner can play an important role in offering a way of applying active ingredients to the skin without adding another layer of greasy cream! They are lightweight and usually water based so they absorb into the skin immediately, rather than just isitting on the outer skin layer (which is made up of dead skin cells!)

Interestingly, despite a good preceding cleanse, when toner is applied with a guaze pad, I am always somewhat surprised by how much additional grime comes off my already clean face. 

The range that I have fallen in love with, because of the way it’s not only transformed my own skin, but that of so many other people I know, contains active AHA as well as a multiptude of other skin conditioning ingredients like hyaluronic acid (yep…..that stuff we inject into lips and cheeks to plump them up), color correcting ingredients like licorice extract as well as many other actives. This means that skipping the toner step actually deprives your skin of exfoliating and pampering components. Because the toner is actually a TREATMENT assisting brightening, acne and exfoliation depending on its composition.  

It’s so important to understand the thinking behind each product so that you max it out for its intended indication. From being a toner skeptic, I am now a believer!!