Did you know that beautiful, natural-looking lips CAN be achieved with dermal fillers? However, in the same way, large, luscious lips can be created….. if that is the preference!

It’s important to understand that enhanced lips do not necessarily have to look fake and to be aware of what really constitutes beautiful lips. There is far more to it than just large and pouty. In actual fact, studies show that the lip proportions vary depending on racial characteristics. There is, in fact, a perfect ratio that cosmetic practitioners need to strive towards when augmenting lips so that the balance of upper to lower lip is in harmony with the whole face, as well as fit with the person’s ethnicity.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that if the lips are being treated, the areas around the mouth may need a bit of tweaking so that the “designer lips” blend in with the rest of the face. Having a ‘trout pout’ really doesn’t do the wearer any justice at all. This is particularly relevant as women age because having enhanced, firm lips from injectable treatments, on a foundation that has lost firmness and strength, means the lip will fold outwards and not sit well on the surrounding tissues.