In 1995 I arrived in Australia as a new medical graduate. However Australia doesn’t accept foreign medical degrees. So, back to school I went for another 6 years!

In the process I lost a husband, but more concerning, I lost ME!

And as a GP, I saw this over and over. People study, marry (maybe), have kids and lose themselves.

My lightbulb moment happened when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. For me to listen, I needed something serious as I was a giver and Carer but had nothing left over for myself!

The cancer journey was all the fun you’d expect- double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and 13 operations.

You don’t just get up again and take off where you left off!

That doesn’t happen. Ever!!

I couldn’t return to GP work. Because of this, I was open to things I previously would never have afforded a seconds glance.

2 years after joining a new company, I can openly admit that the young 27 year old who walked into Melbourne in 1995, is slowly coming back. Yes it’s taken 25 years…but she was buried somewhere deep inside.

Nothing worthwhile happens over night. There is always a process- the ‘behind the scenes’ of life.

Trust yourself and your process, and if you stick at it, you will get to a place that’s even more incredible than you hoped it could be!