There is a big difference between wanting to enhance your features and wanting to completely change them…

I make a point of always taking the time to find and point out  my patients’ good aesthetic points whenever I discuss what they don’t like. This gives better perspective in a world where we all focus on what we don’t have, rather than what we do have.

I am usually shocked as few people acknowledge their good points, regardless of their age.  And when I point out what is good, they usually laugh, “Not really”.

Another thing I make a point of doing, is talking about how making changes is very unlikely to have lasting impact on how our lives are lived. The main reason being, no-one else cares how anyone else looks! We all tend to fuss over how we look in photos…. yet when we look at photos of other people, we spend less than a second looking at THEM and immediately focus on how WE look. I have begun to practice what I preach. I used to hate having photos taken. Guess what……I got over myself. Now, you’ll find me happily posing for photos. The other thing I’ve given up on, is checking the photos to ensure they are “ok”. I 100% realise that noone else cares exactly how I look- so neither do I!

Beauty is so much more than big lips or full cheeks. Although we only look at ourselves from the front in a mirror, others see us from angles. We need to make sure we look aesthetically correct from ALL angles and that the lips/chin/cheeks fit the rest of the face rather than completely standing out and looking out of place.

Keeping the whole face in harmony is crucial to making sure my patients remain looking like themselves, rather than clones of Kardashians.