My life today looks VERY different from how it used to look. I have freedom, flexibility and monetary comfort. And that is because I took a leap of faith.

I knew I wanted to work more around my crazy busy life, my kids and not always be stressed whenever I got the dreaded call from the school.  Yet I had no clue where this life was going to come from. Being a doctor was my life dream. But being a doctor left me feeling drained, empty and as if I’d had my mojo sucked out of me……or maybe that was what being a mother was supposed to be like!

After seeing some miracle results and personally experiencing dramatic results from some skincare products, I found my direction.

My scarring had resolved and I wanted to help others to get the results too. Better still I wanted top help others to understand how quick-fix isn’t always the best way. SOme things take time and have cumulative benefits. Just like we teach our children- that instant gratification isn’t always possible or desirable. Yet it takes courage to step outside of your comfort zone and go for it.

We all want the best for our own and others’ lives yet we get stuck and fearful to make any changes. So we tend to continue going round and round in circles, doing the same things but expecting different outcomes. Why oh why is that likely to suddenly give a different result? Even babies learn about that when they keep standing up under a coffee table, bang their head, and then after a few times, they don’t do it again!

Honestly, I have to admit, that had I not been diagnosed with cancer, I’d still be in a job that I hated, that stressed me out and drained every ounce of energy.

I now say……if you think you may want better……

What’s holding you back from chasing your dreams?

Are you scared of the unknown?

Scared of letting yourself down?

Even worse…….scared of letting others down?

Remember…..nothing changes if nothing changes.And some risks are relatively safe.

Take that leap of faith! 💗

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