Lips are one of the signature features of a face.

They age and wear with us and not everyone wants to indulge in lip filler injections which, we all know, can look over done, and just plain awful.

However, they need not look ridiculous. Judiciously performed lip treatments can enhance facial features. I have no idea who ever decided that the trout-pout is aesthetically pleasing. All you have to do is attend a cosmetic injector conference and you will be shocked at how some of the attendees look. It’s no wonder they are injecting others in a way where “the bigger the better”. Less is more is my philosophy particularly regarding the ageing process.

However, those that are opposed to lip injections (yes, they are uncomfortable because the lips are so incredibly sensitive) there are many lip conditioners and lip serums available. They will never be able to volumise the way hyaluronic acid fillers do. Hyaluronic acid fillers take up space because they are a gel. They also draw water into them, thereby further plumping the lips.

One of my favorite lip conditioners, is REDEFINE™ Lip Renewing Serum. This product is specifically designed to condition, revitalise and calm your lips. Rich with Peptides and Vitamin E, this all-in-one serum helps lips feel smoother and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles. Shea Butter and oils layer moisture so your lips feel healthy and soothed. You’ll feel the potent ingredients at work with a refreshing, cooling, tingling sensation. The product comes as a jar with 60 capsules. I suggest pricking the top with a pin and getting 3 uses from each!

Over time you’ll find that this product conditions and smoothes the fine lines in the lips. Unlike fillers which tend to stiffen the lips and, sometimes, create a degree of “looking done” regardless of how well the treatment has been performed, a lip serum will condition the skin and may provide some improved volume by hydrating the lips.

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